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Obsession by Amanda Robson

I really enjoyed the storytelling in this dark phychological thriller. The characters feel real and a bit twisted which makes it impossible to guess what they are going to do next. A brilliant read!


You can find Obsession by Amanda Robson here.


If you want to know which other books I love, clock on the link: Amazon reviews

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Different Things by Abigail Mansfield

Thrilling, funny & unique! 

Different things by Abigail Mansfield is a fast-paced thriller filled with humour and quirky, likable characters. Kate and her girlfriend Alex are deeply in love with each other. When their relationship starts falling apart Kate suspects that someone is trying to break them up. But who? And why? With twists at every turn, this compelling novel will keep you guessing right until the end. 

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TigerLily av Iren Rinmad

Fartfylld, humoristisk och tankeväckande! TigerLily av Iren Rinmad är en intressant och rolig historia som tar med läsaren till New Yorks hektiska modevärld. Genom TigerLilys inre resa och sökande efter sitt sanna jag bjuder boken på många klokheter som lockar till reflektion och eftertanke. Texten är snabbläst, välskriven och ofta poetisk. En härlig bok att stanna upp med i den värmande sommarsolen!


Tack för att jag fick läsa din fina bok Iren!


Du hitta TigerLily här:




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Review - The Daughter

"I loved the book so much. It was a wonderful treat which kept me hooked for two nights." A big thank you to  Read Eat Love (https://www.instagram.com/read_eat_luv/)   who has read and reviewed by suspense novel THE DAUGHTER!


You will find THE DAUGHTER on Amazon, Scribd, Kobo and more.




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