A wonderful read! The story keeps it's momentum and the ending doesn't disappoint!

 - Amazon review


A great read, kept me guessing from start to finish!

- Amazon review


I highly recommend “The Daughter”, as a highly enthralling and intriguing suspense thriller that will keep the reader guessing till the very end!

- Lattes, Lipstick & Litterature


I would recommend this book to any fan of family secrets, drama and mystery like me! 

- Goodreads review


Such a great thriller story. The author has described all the aspects of the book with ease and all the complications of the protagonist’s family are portrayed. The daughter’s journey to find out what happened in summer, her relationship with her mother, the obstacles she faced to find out the truth is beautifully crafted. Surely,recommended to all those who love thrillers.

- Dr. Snob

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Swedish edition

Swedish edition

Swedish edition