09. March 2020
Book review: The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine. This a compelling story with plenty of twists. A five-star read!
23. February 2020
Jippi! Jag har just skrivit bokavtal med World Audio Publishing! Så tacksam för att de tror på mitt nya manus. Kropp Saknas kommer snart ut som E-bok och ljudbok.

03. February 2020
Book review: Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield. I loved, loved, loved this book! The storytelling is magical, the mystery intriguing and the characters beautifully portrayed.
16. January 2020
Book review: Awakening by Sharon Bolton. One of my recurring nightmares is that I walk on a path or through a house crawling with snakes. This is pretty much the beginning of Awakening, a slithering suspense featuring one of the world's most deadly serpent. I loved everything about this thriller. The characters, the mystery and the setting in a rural English village. I found myself strangely fascinated by snakes at the end of it.

08. January 2020
Recension av Vad Hände i Tulisaari? Det här är en riktig liten pärla. Det finns en gåta, ett mord har begåtts och en del skrämmande och underliga saker händer Emilia när hon återvänder till mormors hus. Men det är också lite feelgood över historien. Hur som helst så tycker jag mycket om språket och sättet den är skriven på, varvat nutid och tillbakablickar.
17. December 2019
Book review: Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton. I think I have found a new favourite author. Despite the grim storyline of disappearing children I absolutely loved this book! I especially enjoyed the setting in the Falkland Islands with its rugged landscape, vibrant wildlife and interesting history. I was absorbed in the story from the start and kept getting surprised by the unexpected twists right to the last page.

27. November 2019
Nytt manus på gång.
25. November 2019
White Highlands by John McGhie. This is a beautifully written and well researched novel set in both the present day and Kenya in the 1950s during the Mau Mau uprising.

21. November 2019
Book review: The Muse by Jessie Burton. This is beautifully written novel set in 1960s London and in the South of Spain during the Spanish Civil War. I enjoyed this story of love, family drama and deception but not as much as The Miniaturist.
05. November 2019
Book review: EARLY ONE MORNING by Virginia Baily. This is a beautifully written and heartbreaking story about a woman who saves a little boy from the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp and the implications this rescue has on her own life. A powerful reading experience!

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