Organic Food, Drink & Beauty trends!

Organic Food, Drink & Beauty trends! Last week I attended Biofach & Vivaness - the world's leading trade fair for organic products - for Organic & Wellness News. I thought I would share some of the big trends for 2019 and beyond in the organic sector.

Food & Drink:
HEMP. You will find hemp in all kinds of products: oils, beer, "milk", chocolate, beauty products and more.
PLANT BASED. The Vegan trend is still going strong with many innovative and tasty alternatives to meat, milk and cheese.
FERMENTED. Fermented food and drink is still popular, and you will see more variation and flavours in 2019.
MUSHROOMS. Drinks made with dried reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and shiitake mushrooms are both yummy and beneficial.
LESS PLASTIC. As a single-use plastic ban in on its way in the EU and consumers become more aware of the effect plastic pollution has on the environment we now see a lot of environmentally friendly packaging.
TASTE: The spice of 2019 is turmeric.

Natural beauty
I once again want to thank Annika Trendtraveller for giving me an update on what's trending in the beauty sector!
SNAILS. I never thought I would voluntarily put snail slime on my face, but the slime contains many beneficial properties and make for wonderful products rich in vitamins and other good stuff.
ORAL HEALTH. There is an increased number of organic toothpastes, mouth washes and sustainable tooth brushes.
INDIVIDUALISED BEAUTY. There are more and more option to tailor make your own beauty creams according to your skin type.
PROBIOTICS. Not just for food but also beauty.

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